Carbon InQ

Structured around Permaculture's 3 core values of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share of Surplus, Carbon InQ Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based social enterprise that specializes in providing design and consultancy services in the niche field of Urban Permaculture. Its aim is to empower institutions and individual to live more sustainably through the careful redesigning of their urban spaces, curriculum and communities.

Designed into an ecosystem consisting of 3 core brands and a growing number of partner brands, Carbon InQ is well positioned with the knowledge and community necessary to spearhead meaningful projects within the burgeoning Urban Farming and Urban Permaculture movements.


Edible Landscapes

Growing a local food source through the creation of edible landscapes within the city

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Centre for Nature Literacy & Enterprise (CNLE)

Growing Nature literacy through multi-disciplinary workshops & school curriculum

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Project 33

Growing community through the caring of food & P33ple

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