Gardener's Series Bundle

  • Gardener's Series (Basic) Workshop
  • Gardener's Series (Intermediate) Workshop
  • Gardener's Series (Advance) Workshop
SGD 780.00
SGD 650.00
SkillsFuture Claimable
Gardener's Series

This is the complete series offering the modules taught in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced workshops of the popular Gardener's Series.

What will I learn?

Basic Modules (2-days):

  • Introduction to Soil & Soil Science Theory
  • Mixing the Perfect farming Soil, Intro to Plant Physiology & Seed Theory
  • Plant Propagation
  • Introduction to Local Edible Plants 

Intermediate Modules (2-days):

  • Combating Pests & Disease Organically
  • Plant Health, Deficiencies & Fertility
  • Designing Potted Landscapes for Balconies
  • Plant Foraging

Advanced Modules (2-days):

  • Harvesting & Pruning
  • Companion Planting & Ecosystem
  • Composting & Vermicomposting
  • The Microbial World, Mushroom Growing and Enzymes 

Why should I take up the Bundle?

If you already have the intention to complete all 3 parts of the Gardener's Series, then taking up the Bundle is, quite simply, CHEAPER. You save $130 with the Bundle than if you sign up for each workshop individually. Plus, you will have the flexibility to complete the whole series at your own pace within 1 year from the start of your first lesson. 

Can I use my Skillsfuture to pay for the course?

Yes you can but it will have to be done in 3-steps:

  1. Upfront non-refundable online/cash payment of $150, perferably by bank transfer or PayNow.
  2. Skillsfuture payment of $250 for a Basic Workshop
  3. Skillsfuture payment of $250 for an Intermediate Workshop

In the event of any shortfall in your skillsfuture fund (all Singapore citizens are entitled to $500 skillsfuture credit), the shortfall can be made up for in cash/online transfer.

Email us at if you intend to use purchase this Bundle and we will get in touch with you on the next steps. 

This will follow the organiser of the individual event.
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