Project 33

We began as a small family attempt in 2014 to try and re-ignite the communal spirit along a single neighbourhood's street. The project started with a humble search for a simple way to unite individuals effectively regardless of language, race, culture, age or income levels. It was not long before we found the answer - food. Throughout history, food has always served as the foundation for community life and it possesses a unique ability to unite people across social structures by the simple fact that everyone needs to eat.

Through the planning of various activities that made food the common language, together with the spirit of "dare to share first", the community of Project 33 quickly gained traction and grew into a nation-wide community consisting of over 3,000 members from all walks of life.

Our hope is for Project 33 to become an exemplary home-grown community that would continue to inspire positive change in Singapore's social, economic and environmental landscapes. That it will be a community that finds joy in practicing simple, greener and kindlier ways of living in a city.

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Project 33

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Free Online Plant Clinic

Do you have questions about your dying plants and need urgent help? Or maybe you are frustrated that the internet does not have the strategies or information that is relevant to tropical and urban Singapore? If so, wait no more and get the advice you need by joining our Facebook group "Plants I Eat" now. Powered by our members from the Project 33 community, the spirit of this platform is all about learning and growing together - every question you ask will help someone else learn too!

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